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For more information on girls' education in Afghanistan and the importance of educating girls worldwide, follow the links below.

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1. Human Rights Watch – "'I Won't Be a Doctor, and One Day You'll Be Sick': Girls' Access to Education in Afghanistan."

A landmark survey of the education landscape in Afghanistan. Read the full report here.

2. The World Bank – "Unrealized Potential: The High Cost of Gender Inequality in Earnings."

A 2018 study that measures the global economic costs of gender inequality. Read the full report here.

3. Afghan Ministry of Education & UNICEF – "Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children."

Released in June 2018, this report tracks trends in children's education, revealing that in some Afghan provinces, 85% of girls don't attend school. Read the full report here.

4. The Asia Foundation – "Afghanistan in 2018: A Survey of the Afghan People."

A broad survey of moods and trends across Afghanistan, released in December 2018; nearly half of respondents (45.7%) cite illiteracy and lack of educational opportunities as the chief problem facing women. Read the full report here.