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“The most effective antidote to extremism is to create the best educated generation in Afghanistan’s history. Our girls today – the women of tomorrow – will make that happen.”

– Shabana Basij-Rasikh, SOLA co-founder

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The School of Leadership, Afghanistan (SOLA) is an Afghan-led private boarding school for girls, the first of its kind in Afghanistan. SOLA's mission is to provide Afghan girls a rigorous education that promotes critical thinking, a sense of purpose, and respect for self and others.


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Our Vision

We aspire to build a generation of compassionate, curious, confident women leading a peaceful, prosperous and united Afghanistan. Our students come to our campus from 25 of Afghanistan's 34 provinces, and represent every major ethnic and religious group in the nation.

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Our Founder

From dressing as a boy to attend secret schools under the Taliban to earning an honorary doctorate in England: meet Shabana Basij-Rasikh, the woman who founded SOLA.

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Our Future

We intend to more than double our student body over the next few years. By 2022, our goal is to operate a school of Grades 6-12, with up to 175 girls studying on our campus.

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"I will use my education to teach other girls how to be brave, and that they are very important in society. Today, I am here, I am brave, tomorrow another girl will be here and she will be brave like me."

--SOLA student, name withheld for security

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The need for sola

An agent for change.

The illiteracy rate for Afghan teenage girls is a staggering 63%, and nearly 3 million girls are out of school. Our boarding school model provides our students with a secure and nurturing learning environment that exists nowhere else in the country.

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