Our vision

Today, I am here, I am brave.

Students, faculty, and family gathered in SOLA's courtyard.

Students, faculty, and family gathered in SOLA's courtyard.


The provinces of Afghanistan represented at SOLA -- click on the image to enlarge.

In the Pashto language, the word "sola" means "peace" -- this word is our vision, and this word is our goal.

Our intent is to provide Afghan girls with an environment where they can focus on their education and potential in a way that is unprecedented in Afghanistan. We provide a safe and nurturing space in which to learn, and our students go from believing that their role in society is to raise a family to becoming critical thinkers and leaders who understand that they have the power to shape their nation’s future.

SOLA’s boarding school model, unique in Afghanistan, is key to our present success. Our students board on our campus in Kabul throughout the March to December academic year, which mitigates the risks inherent in traveling to and from school daily while also giving each girl the opportunity to live with, and learn from, a diverse community of classmates hailing from 24 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

A residential faculty provides round-the-clock guidance and supervision, and our program creates opportunities for our students to explore personal interests and practice leadership skills among their peers. Numerous off-campus initiatives, including our international winter programs, provide immersion in various cultures and nurture a global perspective in each of our students.

SOLA's campus is home to nearly 80 students who attend one of two distinct programs: the middle school and the high school residential program. Our middle school consists of grades 6-9, and our students follow the Afghan national curriculum with significant academic enrichment coursework.

Our high school program consists of a residential life curriculum and enrichment coursework. Students pursue their diplomas at a local public school, while serving as “big sisters” to our younger girls. Each of our older students takes on a leadership role at school; we intend, through this, to make the concept of female leadership a norm for all our students.

Classes are held six days a week, from Saturday through Thursday, and students take between 13-18 courses. Daily English classes are taught remotely by native-speaking international faculty.

While we draw support for our mission from around the world, SOLA is, and always will be, an organization of Afghans working for the future of their own country. Our campus is entirely staffed by Afghan citizens who lead the day-to-day management of all school operations, and our all-Afghan teaching staff go through an intensive training program to prepare them to deliver an educational experience unlike any other in the nation.